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The Atari Files News Archive

Past News Headlines:

09.13.1999---Thunderbird's Mysterious Message

08.30.1999---Songbird Announces Skyhammer for the Atari Jaguar

08.22.1999---CGE Over, but Scandal Rumors Just Surfacing

08.19.1999---Dave Bell's Fraud (part 3)

08.14.1999---New Lynx Game to Come?

08.13.1999---System-X Gaming Magazine

08.12.1999---Dave Bell Responds

08.11.1999---Team 13 to become retailer of software and hardware.

08.10.1999---Dave Bell a Fraud???

08.07.1999---The Official Computer Gaming Expo Videotape Documentary Begins Taking Orders!

07.31.1999---More Encryption BS

07.31.1999---Are Those JUGS Real?

07.16.1999---New Rumors From OMC Games

07.14.1999---VM Labs Responds!

07.13.1999---VM Labs Going Out of Business?

06.27.1999---Songbird Productions To Attend CGE, Announces New Lynx Games

06.06.1999---Songbird Productions to Release Skyhammer!

06.04.1999---Band in the Box Rumors

05.21.1999---The Assassin Delayed?

05.20.1999---BIG Changes to Back in Time

05.19.1999---New Jaguar Game Slated for Release!

05.19.1999---Atari 7800 Emulator Now Available

05.16.1999---Iron Soldier 3 is Coming To The PSX!

05.16.1999---Hasbro Rumors are True!

05.15.1999---Nintendo's Dolphin

05.15.1999---IS3 is coming for Nuon!

05.09.1999---IS3 for the PSX?

05.07.1999---Ponx is Finished!

05.06.1999---Hasbro to Permit Encryption

05.06.1999---Jagfest '99 Schedule of Events Announced!

04.26.1999---Battlesphere Rumors!

03.31.1999---Songbird Productions Announces SFX for the Atari Lynx

03.31.1999---New Things at ICWhen

03.30.1999---FREE GAMES AT JAGFEST '99


03.21.1999---PRIMATE v1.0 Released!

03.11.1999---Hasbro Interview Coming Soon...

03.11.1999---The Atari Files Has New Sub-Domain

02.16.1999---The Atari Files Recieves Eye Site Award

02.16.1999---BS Encryption Problems Continue

02.12.1999---Carl Forhan's Secret Games

02.12.1999---OMC Releases Interactive Demo!

02.11.1999---Crazy Posts on JI2: Secret Codes, or Just Fun?

02.08.1999---Chad Ridgeway Officially Resigns!

02.05.1999---OMC to Release Interactive Demo Soon

02.05.1999---Team 13 Announces Current Lynx Project

02.02.1999---Jagfest '99

01.29.1999---The Plot Thickens

01.21.1999---25 Defenders Later

01.21.1999---1000 Defenders?

01.21.1999---VLM External Input According to Yak

01.13.1999---BS Released


11.26.1998---The Next Jag Game

11.23.1998---More Evidence That Sony Has NUON Technology?

11.11.1998---Trevor's sequel?

11.10.1998---PSX 2 using Nuon Technology????