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PSX 2 using Nuon Technology????

Could Sony fit somewhere in Project X? Let's see... Project X + an S = PSX?

I read a post on Jaguar Interactive II today about the possibility that the PSX 2 might use Nuon Technology. Seriously folks, it seems possible. This is not the first time someone has made this connection. Let's face it, the goal of Nuon Tech is to have the technology used in all DVD players. Sony makes DVD players. Why would they want to be the only company not offering Nuon Technology?

A post on JI2, by The Neurotic Knee Splitter, states "Even more odd is that if you look at the November 1 update at Yak's Zoo, Yak has a picture of a monitor with T3K running with what he says is a Sony deck in the forground with a cow on the top of it. The way I took this was that T3K was running from the Sony deck."

I decided to analyze the picture myself. If you look at the moniter very closely, you will notice that it appears to have "hooks" like a laptop computer screen would have to lock together when it is folded. In fact, the control deck even appears to have receptacles where these hooks can be locked down. It seems to me that this is a Sony portable DVD drive and moniter. Although it it seem to some that it is actually just a sony laptop, there is no keyboard integrated into the system. If this is indeed a Sony DVD drive, why is Jeff Minter using it to run T3K? Does it have Nuon Technology, is he working on a port for the PSX 2, or is it possibly a UN conspiracy to take over the world? Only time will tell...


If anyone has any info, please e-mail me at or simply post a message on the Atari Files Rumor Board.