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Team 13 Announces Current Lynx Project

I recently had the honor of an interview with Dan Loosen of the Team 13 division of Dark Knight Games. He has reported that Team 13 is currently working on three (possibly four) new games for the Atari Lynx. Dan would only comment on one of the games, which is presently being called R3K. Team 13 does not want to discuss much in detail about the game until it is closer to release. In fact, they weren't planning on releasing any information, but I did manage to get a little info on this upcoming title.

According to Mr. Loosen, R3K is based on an old Atari 2600 game called Ram It, by Telesys. I have never played Ram It myself, but it is my understanding that it is somewhat similar in gameplay to Tempest. Basicly, you are a blaster in the center of the screen and you shoot stuff that comes at you. R3k will be similar to the original, but with new powerups, better graphics, warp zones, bonus levels, etc. It will not be ready any time very soon, but he has been able to create a demo on another source from which the game will be ported to the Lynx. More info to come as it is released

If anyone has any info or would like to express their opinion, please e-mail me at or simply post a message on the Atari Files Rumor Board.