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For immediate release:

ROCHESTER, MN -- Attend JagFest '99. Get a free game. It's that simple. At least, that's the message coming from Carl Forhan of Songbird Productions, the organizer and promoter of the event.

Each paid adult admission to JagFest '99 will include a coupon for up to $3 off a single item purchase from the Songbird Productions table. A variety of factory-new 2600 and 7800 games will be available for under $3, as well as a number of current and new games for the Jaguar and Lynx and other Atari merchandise at normal retail prices. Simply present your coupon at the Songbird Productions table, and you can walk away with a free 2600 or 7800 game, or use the coupon to get a discount off of other merchandise. *

Sponsors are also being lined up for JagFest '99, to be held at the Holiday Inn South in Rochester, MN, on June 18, 1999. Songbird Productions, Go Atari, Hozer Video Games, Jerry G. Classic Gold Video Games, and Atari Video Club have all agreed to sponsor JagFest.

More sponsors are being contacted at this time, and it is hoped that several companies and game shops will be in attendance at JagFest '99.

* - One coupon per item, up to $3 off the retail price. No refunds if the entire face value of the coupon is not used. Coupon valid only on June 18, 1999, and while supplies of merchandise last at the Songbird Productions table. Coupon may not be combined with any other offer. You must purchase an adult admission to JagFest '99 to receive this coupon.

----- General Information ---------------------------------

Be sure to visit the JagFest '99 web site for the latest information:

For those who may wish to remain in Rochester over the weekend, more activities are currently slated:

Saturday, June 19 - Take a trip to one of the largest shopping centers in the world: the Mall of America. Try your hand at the NASCAR networked racing simulator, visit the arcade, play a round of laser tag at Starbase Omega, shop at the Starlog retail store or Electronics Boutique, or even try a roller coaster at Camp Snoopy. Plus, don't forget to visit specialty video game stores Games to Go and Raven Video Games. Directions will be provided.

Sunday, June 20 - Before you head back home, join Carl Forhan for church at New Life Worship Center ( NLWC is a contemporary Christian church dedicated to the singular purpose of bringing glory to the Lord and spreading the good news of the gospel. Carl energetically leads the music team with his vocals and keyboard skills. Other instruments inclue bass guitar, drums, piano, and back up vocals. This is one church service you won't want to miss! Directions will be provided.

Other areas of interest in Rochester include the Mayo Clinic, IBM, Apache Mall (with arcade), Skyline Raceway and Waterslide, Cyber Cue pool hall, and more.

To keep up to date with the latest news at Songbird Productions, be sure to visit the company web site at, or send an email to

Copyright 1999 Songbird Productions. All rights reserved. This article may be reprinted in its entirety.