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More Evidence That Sony Has NUON Technology?

An important letter was sent to me as well as several other loyal Atarians today. Donald A. Thomas, Jr., former spokesman of Atari Corp., has now left Sony to work for VM Labs. Does this mean that he is still being employed by Sony, but simply another division than PlayStation? Or does it mean that VM Labs is truely a different company? Note that Mr. Thomas does say "there are trusts that I will not violate with regard to my role at SCEA, but I do welcome your private inquiries." Does this mean that he is still working for SCEA, but is unable to comfirm it? Read the letter (below) and decide. Messages can be posted at Atari Files Rumor Board.

For more info visit Mr Thomas' website, I.C. WHEN @

If anyone has any info, please e-mail me at or simply post a message on the Atari Files Rumor Board.

(The following is the letter I recieved from Mr. Thomas...)

Dear friends,

I have submitted my resignation to Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) effective Thursday, December 3, 1998.

On August 26th, 1996 I began a new assignment as Peripherals Licensing Manager for SCEA. When I got started, the PlayStation game console was still a young entry into the next-generation gaming market. It had already enjoyed a great deal of success, but SCEA had not yet granted final approval to any third-party companies for licensed products.

More than two years later, I stand before SCEA's senior management with a list of accomplishments for which I am very proud. Not only are there dozen's of fully licensed products in which consumers can enjoy and depend upon, but with the help of a brilliant staff, I have fostered close relationships with valuable industry allies.

Mr. William Rehbock, who had created my position in '96, left his position last year as SCEA's Vice President of Technical Support. A new opportunity arose for him to help lead a well funded start-up company called VM Labs into their next phase of business operation.

Inspired by my desire to blend personal ambition with corporate objectives, I have also decided to consider a new career opportunity. Accordingly, in early December, I will join Mr. Rehbock's team at VM Labs to help launch technologies that the hard core gamer, the classic gamer and the new-age gamer will all embrace. This new position is an advancement in title and compensation, but most of all, it is an opportunity that welcomes ambition and creativity. In this new position I will enjoy an unprecedented opportunity to work with licensed companies on ideas and projects that are based on positive business alliances and that will benefit all parties involved.

As a footnote to my colleagues in the industry: Until my move is complete, it is inappropriate for me to speak much more about my new position. Additionally, there are trusts that I will not violate with regard to my role at SCEA, but I do welcome your private inquiries. I sincerely hope that those with whom I have built business relationships over the years know I continue to value those relationships and intend to serve you in even greater capacities in the future. If you've ever liked any of my ideas in the past, I think you'll really like the ones that we'll speak about soon. But most of all, I think you'll find that I have found a way to say "yes" to your proposals and inquires more than ever before… a benefit that means a great deal to me and the consumer at large.

It's time for a cool change.

Best Wishes,

Donald A. Thomas, Jr.