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The Next Jag Game

Carl Forhan has announced that he will help design another game for the Jaguar. This game will be based somewhat on the Jaguar version of Doom by Id Software. Carl has reportedly obtained the source code from Id Software. It will have better networking than the original Doom (No Network Errors). Carl has alread proposed a theme for the game (From a post on JI2):

Proposed Theme: Breeders universe as created and copyrighted by Carl
Forhan. In a nutshell, it's a Terran marines vs. intelligent bugs set in
deep space in a territorial conflict. More details on the Breeders
universe to follow, but for now, refer to following URL:

Carl is approaching this game as an entirely new project, unlike Protector, which he is just finishing someone else's work. Since taking on a project of this size by oneself would take a very long time, Carl is planning something different for this game. It will be designed by the Jaguar community. If you have advanced programming skills, you may be able to help design the next Game for the Jaguar. For more information, contact Carl Forman at: or visit his website at:

Suggestions and ideas for the game can be made at Jaguar Interactive. Look for more Information here as it becomes available.


If anyone has any info, please e-mail me at or simply post a message on the Atari Files Rumor Board.