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Songbird Productions To Attend CGE, Announces New Lynx Games

June 27, 1999

For immediate release:

ROCHESTER, MN -- Songbird Productions recently committed to attending Classic Gaming Expo (CGE), which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, on August 14-15. CGE is the premiere event in 1999 for fans of classic gaming systems such as Atari, Intellivion, Vectrex, and more.
"John and Keita have put a lot of effort into making this year's event bigger than World of Atari was last year", commented Carl Forhan, owner of Songbird Productions. "I'm thrilled that Songbird will be a part of CGE, and I plan on having a variety of merchandise for sale for many Atari systems."
Additionally, Songbird Productions hopes to keep the momentum growing for the orphaned Atari systems Lynx and Jaguar. To that end, two new Lynx products will be launched at CGE.
The first is Lexis, an interesting twist on the "falling blocks" concept familiar to gamers everywhere. In this game, you don't have to clear a row of bricks -- you have to form words out of falling letters. This fun and challenging game includes a dictionary of 20,000+ words, some of which are special cheat words recognized by the game. Several play modes are also included.
The second Lynx product is "Crystal Mines II: Lost Caverns". Songbird Productions and Serious Cybernetics have teamed up with original Crystal Mines I and II developer Ken Beckett to take advantage of a hidden feature in the existing Lynx Crystal Mines II cartridge -- it supports downloads of new levels into Lynx RAM via the comlynx port. The product will include Win95 software on a CD-R and a special Lynx-to-PC serial cable which also doubles as a developer cable for those who may own a BLL or SIMIS cartridge for the Lynx.
CGE promoter John Hardie recently expressed his enthusiasm with regards to the news, saying, ""We're delighted that Songbird Productions, the premiere Lynx and Jaguar developer, has chosen CGE '99 as the venue in which to debut and display their new products."
Songbird Productions also anticipates being able to demo unreleased Jaguar games at CGE, including Protector and Skyhammer. At press time, it was uncertain if these games will be available for purchase in time for CGE.
Songbird owner Carl Forhan recognizes that he's not alone in his endeavor to support Atari platforms. "Several sponsors have helped make it possible for Songbird to attend CGE '99. Ken Beckett and Multimedia 1.0 each deserve a big thank you for their generous sponsorship of Songbird Productions."
To keep up to date with the latest news at Songbird Productions, be sure to visit the company web site at, or send an email to

Copyright 1999 Songbird Productions. All rights reserved. This article may be reprinted in its entirety.

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