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VM Labs Responds!

Upon hearing the rumors regarding VM Labs, I emailed several VM Labs' employees.

Nick Lefevre, Vice President of Business Affairs and General Counsel for VM Labs stated " Utter baloney with no foundation whatsoever. We are alive and doing very well, thank you."
Greg LaBrec, VP of Marketing at VM Labs, Inc. stated that there was "Absolutely no truth whatsoever[to the rumor]." LaBrec also gave an update on VM Labs progress with the upcoming Nuon Technology. According to LaBrec, "More unique NUON-enhanced DVD trick modes are being developed weekly, both through the efforts of our internal engineering staff as well as the talented engineers from our hardware partner companies. Game and interactive title development has been steadily progressing to insure a rich collection of engaging software at launch."
LaBrec also mentioned that VM Labs is "still looking for some talented people to round out our project personnel."


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