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More Encryption BS

Battlesphere and several other games have not yet been published. These games must be encrypted and the encryption key has yet to be released. Carl Forhan, of Songbird Productions, recently informed the Atari files that "We don't have the encryption. A few select people do. They're not sharing until they get a legal document in hand stating the key is public domain." Scott Le Grand of 4PLAY has recently announced that encryption is the largest hurdle to producing Battlesphere. He also made the following Post at Jaguar Interactive II...

512 bit encryption keys, 32 bit validation 03d0dead...

The above is the "backdoor" that Dave Staugas alludes to in the encryption process that he could have used had the encryption key been lost at any point in the jaguar's life span.
Now if you were to take the normal jaguar boot rom and disassemble it, figure out what it does exactly (there's a GPU routine in there as I remember), and then write an emulator to systematically tweak some data in your ROM space and then emulate the encryption validation, you will eventually hit on a combo that works. Consider this a challenge to the entire jaguar community. All of the information above has been public domain since the Hasbro announcement and I'm now giving it out freely in the hope that someone takes up the challenge.
In fact, once you have the emulator, you could create the equivalent of SETI@Home to create working jaguar encryptions...

Neat, eh?

If anyone has any info or would like to express their opinion, please e-mail me at or simply post a message on the Atari Files Rumor Board.