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Dave Bell a Fraud???

Dave Bell, of Dark Knight Games, has been known as a fraud in the Atari Jaguar online community foor a long time. He did show up at Jagfest '98 with a Development Kit, but his rotary controller did not work, and was later cancelled. DKG has recieved this reputation due to the cancellation of every game or piece of hardware that they have announced, including the Jaguar Extreme Controllers, and Defcon 1.
Regardless of this, he has never cost consumers money until now. Micah Rowe (known as ETHunter at Jaguar Interactive II) has reported that he has indeed lost his money to Dave Bell after sending payment for an auction he won, Rare Beige Atari Jaguar Controller (Item #126586904), on eBay. The Auction ended on 7/10/99, but Rowe has not yet recieved the controller that he sent payment for. Rowe has now contacted SafeHarbor investigations agency to investigate this fraud. By viewing the feedback of the seller, darkknightgame, one can see that Rowe was not the only victim of this fraud. On can also see that Rowe, who's eBay user name is, has an excellent record regarding payment for winning auctions.
What's interesting about this situation is that Dark Knight Games has two eBay User ID's, darkknightgame with a feedback rating at -1 and darkkinghtgames (notice the s on the end) with a feedback rating of +1. Also note that darkknightgame (-1), a.k.a. "the bad DKG," uses the email address, Darkknightgames (+1), "the good DKG," uses Dave's official address that is listed at DKG's website, Are both of these users the real Dave Bell, or is one an imposter? Finally, why would Dave use a different user ID if his existing ID already had a positive feedback rating?

More news on this subject to come as soon as evidence presents itself.

If anyone has any info or would like to express their opinion, please e-mail me at or simply post a message on the Atari Files Rumor Board.