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Team 13 to become retailer of software and hardware.

August 11th, 1999

Nashua, NH - Team 13, in a surprising move has decieded to become a retailer of items for various gaming systems including the Lynx, Jaguar and Saturn. Team 13 will start by centering in on the Lynx with an initial release of eleven products including both SFX and Ponx from Carl Forhan of Songbird Productions. The items will become available on August 13th when Team 13 updates their site to include the resale portion.
Team 13 believes that the addition of gaming products, especially the Lynx selection, will help build support for the platforms and new hobbiest releases.
Team 13 has also begun looking into selling releases for other systems and has hopes to begin selling titles for them as early as the end of August. Team 13 will make periodical updates of the new retail department when new games are added.

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