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System-X Gaming Magazine

August 11, 1999 - We are proud to announce to all of you about our new magazine, "System-X Gaming." This magazine is dedicated to the Atari and NUON video game community. Our magazine will include editorials, reviews, previews, etc., on the Jaguar, Lynx, NUON, classic Atari platforms, the new Atari, Atari arcade, emulation, and more! We hope you will check out our magazine. To subscribe or to just buy 1 issue, please go to our web site, Please don't mind our temporary web site. We will launch our new and improved web site in a week from now. System-X Gaming magazine will be displayed at the Songbird Productions booth at the Classic Gaming Expo '99 in Las Vegas. If you are attending the expo, please check us out at the booth, including all the other great products displayed there.

The magazine:

This magazine is headed for the interest of the Atari Community. We want to make a magazine that would be specifically Atari and NUON related. We were just tired of always seeing bad reviews of Atari products in old magazines. Same with NUON. How can you give a product bad reviews if it hasn't even been released? There just isn't any magazines around that does support those names. We plan to do so. We hope you will check out our magazine for yourself. What other magazine has editorials about the Jaguar underground, BJL, the 2600, the upcoming NUON, and so on?

How we started:

One day, a friend named Justin and I were at my house just talking. We were discussing how we would wish there was a magazine that was related to things we were interested in, Atari, NUON and everything in between. We knew it wasn't going to happen any time soon. That's when the idea popped up. We will start a magazine that will be specifically for that subject! We thought that would be a great idea, and a lot of hard work. But the idea was worth it. We hope you will feel the same way when you read our magazine for the first time.

What can you expect:

You can expect to be satisfied when you read our magazine for the first time. Why don't you buy an issue and see for yourself? Unless you rather buy a magazine that talks about the systems you aren't interested in. Then this magazine isn't for you. If you do want to read a magazine that does interest you, then this magazine is for you. Please check out System-X Gaming magazine for yourself.

If anyone has any info or would like to express their opinion, please e-mail me at or simply post a message on the Atari Files Rumor Board.