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Past Quizlet Results

Quizlet #8 (June 1999)

Q: In what year was Atari founded?

A: The correct anwser is 1972.

Final Results (of 336 respondents)

26% 1971
35% 1972
8% 1973
13% 1974
17% 1977
2% 1993

Q: In what year was Atari founded? Quizlet #7 (May 1999)

Q: Which of the following companies approached Atari to sell their videogame system in the US, in 1983?

A: The correct anwser is Nintendo.

Final Results (of 179 respondents)

11% Sony
12% Epyx
15% Hasbro
50% Nintendo
11% Sega
2% 3DO

Quizlet #3 (January 1999)

Q: The game Stargate, for the Atari 2600 (CX26120), was also released with another title. What was it?

A: The correct anwser is Defender II.

Final Results (of 22 respondents)

50% Defender II
18% Space War
5% Chicken
5% Swordquest: Spaceworld
14% Laser Gates
9% Solaris?

Quizlet #2 (December 1998)

Q: What was the original name of the game, Tower Toppler, before it was ported to the Atari 7800?

A: The correct anwser is Nebulus.

Final Results (of 92 respondents)

21% Swordquest: Towerworld
7% Mission 3000
5% Tapper
28% Mountain King
35% Nebulus
4% Chicken

Quizlet #1 (November 1998)

Q: Who designed Breakout for Atari?

A: The correct anwser is Steve Jobs.

Final Results (of 61 respondents)

3% Chicken
26% Nolan Bushnell
15% Rick Mauer
44% Steve Jobs
8% Bill Gates
5% Sean Patten