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Nintendo Dolphin Rumors

Although Nintendo hasn't released much information on it's upcoming Dolphin console, The Atari Files has managed to obtain some new rumors regarding this system. According to the latest reports, the Dolphin will be released in December 2000. This puts it nine months behind the Plastation 2 and even farther behind the already released Sega Dreamcast. The good news is that the US version will be released at the same time as the Japanese version. The bad news is that it is not expected to support DVDs as once thought. This may give Sony the upper hand on value. However, the Dolphin is expected to be considerably cheaper than the PSX 2, which is expected to retail at approximately $400.

If anyone has any info, or would like to express their opinion, please e-mail me at or simply post a message on the Atari Files Rumor Board.

Quake Source Code Released!

id Software has reportedly released the source code for Quake II. Since this announcement was made, there have been rumors floating through the online Atari community that a version will soon be ported to the Jaguar. Carl Forhan of Songbird Productions had announced that Songbird was indeed working on a sequel to Doom. Could it be that the sequel is really based on Quake? We'll just have to wait and see.

If anyone has any info, or would like to express their opinion, please e-mail me at or simply post a message on the Atari Files Rumor Board.


The Atari Files Has Moved!

Chances are that if you found this page, then you know that The Atari Files has moved. The new URL is . The subdomain will also still be maintained as a link to the site by .

Coming Soon: The Next Wave of Lynx Games!

Carl Forhan has made the following announcement at Jaguar Interactive II:

[Non-Jag] LYNX 2000: The Next Wave
Posted by Carl on December 22, 1999 at 16:02:19:

It's coming. The next wave of games for the Atari Lynx. But this time, the games are bigger. Faster. More explosive. Featuring arcade action pushing the Lynx to the edge. Coming to a Lynx near you in year 2000. ARE YOU READY?

Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions

Is he just refering to games that have been announced already, or are there secret gmes in the works. Stay tuned to the Atari Files for further updates to this story.

Battlesphere Encryption Solution Found!

In a story by he Atari Files on 09/13/1999, we mentioned an strange announcement by Thunderbird of 4PLAY (the creators of BattleSphere for the Atari Jaguar) that appeared to be the number 125. Since this announcement, T-Bird has put an end to the rumors. 125 was the maximum number of days left until BS encryption is broken. As of today, there are only days left. A counter monitoring the days left is available at

Protector Released!

Songbird Productions has released their first game, Protector. Originally started for the Jaguar by Bethesda Softworks, the game was canceled, but later saved by Lynx developer Carl Forhan. Forhan finished the programing to protector and plans to release more recovered titles for th Jaguar. Protector is now available from Songbird Productions. A review of Protector will soon be available here at The Atari Files.
In related news, Telegames has completed it's second run of Worms and the limited edition Iron Soldier 2 cartridge. Quanties are limited, but they may still be available. Contact Telegames for more info.

BattleSphere Soundtrack Now Available

Stephanie Wukovitz (of 4PLAY) has released the soundtrack to the Atari Jaguar videogame BattleSphere. The Album is titled The Original BS and features original artwork by fellow 4PLAY programmer Doug Engel. Procedes from the album's sales will go to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. The album is available at:

If anyone has any info, or would like to express their opinion, please e-mail me at or simply post a message on the Atari Files Rumor Board.

Stay tuned for further updates...